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Why Attend SEJ?

“It’s THE one.”

Read the post-conference survey results and comments:

“It’s easy to feel isolated as a freelancer in Canada. But after joining my fellow reporters in Colorado, I now feel part of a community, inspired and ready to tackle this job.”

— Lauren Kaljur, SEJ Member and Freelance Journalist
Read more from Lauren about SEJ’s Fort Collins conference.


A Sampling of #SEJ2023 Boise Open-Ended Responses:

“It is the best networking opportunity in our field – above any other. People are kind, helpful and open to welcoming new members and nurturing early career journalists.”

“SEJ’s conferences are the best journalism conferences I’ve ever attended.”

“The SEJ conference is, by far, the most valuable event I have ever attended to support environmental journalism. It is full of content and networking and is FUN.”

“The conference broadened my perspective on environmental reporting. It gave me new ideas to explore and motivated me to dig deeper into issues that I frequently cover.”

“Great selection of speakers and themes. Deep expertise around every corner — very helpful over time w/ sources and background info.”

“This conference brings together all of the journalists who cover the same themes, providing an excellent opportunity for networking and exchanging experiences. This was an excellent conference for networking, learning tools for researching issues, focusing on solutions, and holding the powerful accountable.”

“Really appreciated the field trips, I have not encountered something like this in other conferences I’ve been to and it was great to really go in depth into a topic with experts like this and see a ‘behind the scenes’ on a particular issue.”

“I have no doubt that the knowledge I acquired from the panels I attended, along with the new contacts I made in the conference will make such a difference not only for my work but for everyone who attended such a great event!”

“Every panel session I went to was fantastic! Great experts to connect to on a range of topics.”

“Great panels on fire, rights of nature, and wildlife corridors, appreciated the wide-range of experts, and especially including indigenous perspectives — absolutely essential to most topics discussed.”

“As a student, the biggest benefit of attending was being able to meet journalists from very diverse backgrounds. I now know that there are several pathways to cover the environment, and that gives me hope for the future.”

“I come to SEJ conferences for story ideas, perspectives and contacts. This conference met that goal.”

“The SEJ conference is an incomparable opportunity for me the sharpen my skills, learn about new issues, learn new things about issues I’m already covering and to make contacts that push my reporting forward to new heights.”

“The sheer improved diversity of this conference was inspiring. Also, the number of young journalists gives hope to this SEJ vet for the future of environmental journalism.”

“It’s a great opportunity to find community within the environmental journalism field. It did not feel competitive at all even though we all do the same sort of reporting. I can’t wait to go back next year.”

“As an editor, it is a valuable opportunity to develop relationships with existing and potential contributors. It’s also a reliable source of story ideas. And not only ideas, but inspiration; being in the room with so many talented journalists at the top of their game and hearing how they work and what they’re working on, always brings me fresh excitement and energy for the work. Plus, the tours are always a wonderful break from routine. Lots of networking and relationship-building happens on the bus, and the itineraries give journalists up-close exposure to beautiful places, imperiled wildlife, impressive engineering feats, powerful speakers from frontline communities, and other experiences that you can’t replicate from a newsroom or home office.”

“SEJ’s annual conference provides great opportunities for meeting journalists and editors, meeting potential sources, and getting story leads. I always leave with a renewed sense of professional passion and curiosity.”

“Best run down on latest environmental issues. Best place to meet reporters/editors with similar interests. Bus tours often provide opportunity for packaged stories with great sources, info. Great place to meet new sources, learn new reporting, data techniques.”

“SEJ conferences offer new and experienced journalists an outstanding mix of background and contacts on environmental issues in the news (or that ought to be) and of tools and techniques for improving reporting and story telling. The networking with other journalists also offers inspiration and support to what can often be a lonely undertaking.”

“SEJ’s annual conference offers inspiration and hope for the future on a beat where that can feel difficult to find at times. In Boise, I was thrilled to see so many younger journalists charging hard into sustained coverage of complex stories. It felt a bit like a changing of the guard, and that’s a good thing.”

“SEJ’s annual conference offers inspiration and hope for the future on a beat where that can feel difficult to find at times. In Boise, I was thrilled to see so many younger journalists charging hard into sustained coverage of complex stories. It felt a bit like a changing of the guard, and that’s a good thing.”

“Great networking and learning opportunities. And FUN.”

“This is by far the best conference that I’ve been to as a journalist. The workshops were genuinely informative and the field trips really helped me get a deeper understanding on issues I’d like to cover in ways I did not know previously.”

“Such a wealth of expertise, fellowship, and networking all in one location! I have never been to such a dynamic conference… if there were three of me, I would be lucky to make all the connections and sessions I would have wanted to. I will absolutely recommend the conference to all my friends and colleagues, and I will be sure to attend again next year!”

“SEJ is the conference where I’ve always gained the most contacts, leads, networking and skills.”


#SEJ2023 Boise Concrete Outcomes Reported by Attendees:

“In addition to what I learned about various issues I made several excellent contacts, including one potential funder and a colleague working on the same material who is interested in collaboration.”

“At SEJ, I’ve made friends, gotten gigs, developed book promotion contacts, kept abreast of what’s happening in a wide range of topics and fields. Each conference has been different; each very rewarding.”

“I walked away with a much better idea of some of the issues facing the Mountain West and with specific story ideas for my beat.”

“I felt my vocabulary for covering the intersection of environmental threat and impacts and social issues was expanded.”

“The small events (i.e. beat dinner) and networking time were the most useful. That’s where I met editors, had conversations, and was invited to pitch them.”

“The conference was very helpful for connecting with sources, experts and authorities. In particular, I have struggled to get Tribal sources on the phone through cold calling to discuss wildlife management and land politics. At SEJ, I met many, and had valuable face-to-face interactions that have allowed me to get in better touch.”

“I was able to network and meet other journalists as well as potential sources. The plenary sessions helped focus some ideas into pitches as well.”

“I pitched an editor and gained confidence talking with reporters.”

“Two stories underway, including one that is in partnership with another SEJ member.”

“Getting to know experienced journalists in person, receiving mentorship and having a fitting space/time to analyze and reframe the work I am doing, is something that cannot happen in a webinar or a one-day event. I also heard from senior reporters that conferences are where they come to renew themselves, even if they don’t get new ‘tools and skills’ from it.”

“I met several people who I plan to work with in the future, including freelancers I would like to hire.”

“I met someone who is now interested in teaching my book in her university classroom.”

“I’ve never been to a conference with so many book writers before. I met a book editor who encouraged me to write a book as did another SEJ attendee.”

“I’ve scheduled background interviews with sources I met during my Thursday tour to explore potential stories.”

“I got some excellent face time with important people in my field, who I’d otherwise only interacted with on Twitter.”

“Met a great group of scientists we may feature in a future production; networked with potential partners and fellowship candidates; met and interviewed the SHERF fellows; premiered our latest series for SEJ participants, and got valuable, in-person feedback.”

“I made a contact with an editor for a publication I wasn’t familiar with and am now likely to do freelance work for.”

“I made a connection with an academic studying pesticide exposure for farmworkers — this is a story I’ve been working on but would not have known about this expert source.”

“I made a lot of new contacts at other newsrooms to do future partnerships with, and I was also able to reconnect with some people I hadn’t seen since before the pandemic that I’d like to work with. I also came away with several story/project ideas.”

“I’m working on a story about Salmon in Idaho based on one of the field trips!”